Always Back it Up

Your information is most likely more important than your PC.

So you turn on your computer and all you get is a message at the top of the screen telling you that there is No Bootable Device or it just sits there with that little circle thingy just going round and round. It is never something that we think about very much until it happens.

Media Geek can recover information like pictures, music, documents most of the time. We look for documents, pictures, music, and backups for various programs like quickbooks. We have even recovered information from computers that have been reformatted. Data can also be recovered from a drive that is not working.
(please read below).

There are different levels of data recovery.

The first level:
Moving your data from a working computer to either disks, external hard drive, flash drive, or other computer.

The second level:
Moving your data from a computer that is not working but the hard drive is readable.

The third level:
In this case files have been deleted or the hard drive has been reformatted possibly to install a new operating system. We cannot guarantee full recovery but many files can be recovered. This is a very long process.

The fourth level:
If your hard drive is physically damaged we will outsource this to specialists that work in what is called "clean rooms".
Media Geek has partnered with a data recovery service   with "clean rooms" for recovering data and/or rebuilding your hardrive with data.

Please remember this level of damage is rare but a real reminder to keep your important data backed up on an external or flash drive because it does happen and sometimes without warning.